NASCAR and Sprint
United States of America

NASCAR and Sprint (collectively or severally) have cancelled funding for the All Star Pit Crew Challenge.

This petition is our way of asking both NASCAR and Sprint to renew that event.
The pit crew challenge belongs as part of the "All Star" weekend.

It's a chance for the drivers to get bragging rights by winning ON track, but ALSO a time for the crews to shine and be "All Stars" as well. The crews are just as much a part of the race team.

Please support this effort and give the crews a chance to shine and be "All Stars" too. They deserve it.

We, the undersigned, call on NASCAR and Sprint to renew the Pit Crew Challenge for the All Star Race Weekend.

We feel the Pit Crew Challenge is just as important an event as the All Star race itself.

Let the crews shine too in a way we have known for years.

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