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"Miss Scarlet and The Duke" is not your average period drama where gallant heroes save damsels in distress.
It's not your average crime drama where every week a random murder mystery is solved.

"Miss Scarlet and The Duke" is a fresh new approach to the genre, adventurous and exciting without being too dark and gritty. It is light-hearted fun without being ridiculous and with a good old "will they, won't they" romance at its core.

All characters - from main protagonists Eliza Scarlet (played by Kate Phillips) and William "The Duke" Wellington (Stuart Martin) down to their sidekicks Ivy (Cathy Belton), Rupert Parker (Andrew Gower) and Moses (Ansu Kabia) - are fully-fledged, three-dimensional characters with flaws and quirks which makes them all the more loveable.

Moreover, "Miss Scarlet and The Duke" doesn't shy away from addressing social issues of the time it is set in, including the treatment of ethnic minorities, sexual diversity and equality for women (to name a few) that are still relevant today.

It is an hour of enjoyable escapism and clever entertainment with an educational element. It is something that is needed now more than ever.

We, the undersigned, thoroughly enjoyed Season 1 of "Miss Scarlet and The Duke" and were left wanting more.

We whole-heartedly thank the entire cast and crew for crafting such a masterpiece, as envisioned by creator Rachael New and directed by Declan O'Dwyer.

We would like to encourage A+E Studios, Element 8 Entertainment and ShinAwil Productions to commission more episodes and start production as soon as current circumstances allow it.

We, the undersigned, stand with "Miss Scarlet and The Duke"!

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