Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Modern-day controversy occurs mainly in Western countries such as the United States, Canada, and to a lesser extent the United Kingdom. This usually involves governments or corporations avoiding the day's association with Christianity to be multiculturally sensitive.

In recent decades in the United States, public, corporate, and the federal government mention of the term "Christmas" during the Christmas and holiday season has declined and been replaced with a generic term, usually "holiday" or "holidays," to avoid referring to Christmas by name.

Popular non-religious aspects of Christmas, such as Christmas trees, lights, and decorating are still prominently showcased and recognized, but are vaguely associated with unspecified "holidays" rather than with Christmas.

We, the undersign, call on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to bring back "Merry Christmas" ( including Christmas Tree )in all areas of government instead of "Happy Holidays". We as a Canadian want you to start listening to what the people want. We want the term "Merry Christmas" reinstated in all levels of government including social media.

While we are not asking you to believe in any religion , we are asking for you to celebrate with us without the continued offence that we feel happens during this time of year. I dont want to hear "Happy Holidays " especially from our government.


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