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The show The Game has had six seasons so far. The show was executed in 2006 on the CW Network and cancelled in 2009. After a long hiatus, and many protests, in 2011 The Game premiered on BET and had a record breaking premiere of 7.7 million viewers. This will demonstrate the effect that the show has on its viewers.

The show's original cast consisted of six characters, all who brought something to the show that was valuable. The show has returned in 2013 with two new characters and the original characters were deleted just like that. This petition is concerning the main characters Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Pooch Hall. Tia’s character, Melanie has grown before our eyes starting as a lost girl finding her own passion in life while trying to be a supportive partner.

Pooch’s character, Derwin also has grown from a benchwarmer to a star player on the Sabers still trying to keep his morals and values in a world where money and fame can easily corrupt you. We have tuned in as faithful and dedicated viewers and surrounded our lives around these characters. We believe that it is unfair the BET would bring back the show and after one season on BET the main characters were dropped. There were unfinished plots that we all wanted to see play out and enjoy. Many loyal watchers are in distaste for the way BET has changed our beloved Game. This is demonstrated on Twitter, Facebook, and even on the BET website.

If BET is concerned with their loyal viewers for The Game they will reconsider bringing back the original cast members and continue the shows legacy in the proper format.

We, the undersigned, want BET Network to reconsider the reinstatement of actor and actress Pooch Hall and Tia Mowry-Hardrict to the television show The Game.

We believe this action was unjust and should be rectified.

We want The Game to start where the last season ended with the original main characters effective immediately because we deserve a chance to experience the show we originally fell in love with.

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