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ABS-CBN, Wowowee executives, Willie Revillame

WE, the loyal fans of Luningning, Milagring and Mariposa also known as the “ASF Trio”, truly were the best among the group, would like to express our sentiments with regards to the heartrending outcome of their careers in Wowowee. Why does their career had to end so saddened.

We were very much shocked when we first heard the news about them quitting on the show. All of us were heartbroken due to their sudden resignation on the show. The reason were still unclear why they left the show, but maybe it was a mix of everything from Ms. Anna’s issue, their “age issue”, less exposure and being neglected on the show. They were not even given the chance to do some farewell dance and were not able to give final messages to their supporters before they left. It was not justifiable for us fans, we were undeniably dissatisfied about it.

We know it was really hard for them to leave but maybe from their own point of view, that’s the only option they’ve had. For all the years they entertained us, seeing them leave like that is like “losing a piece of your heart” someone told and that is true… you have to accept the fact that the public isn’t ready yet to let go of them. Truly they were loved by many, they were such great dancers, very nice and very humble. They will always hold a special place in our hearts.

We request for the concerned parties to hear out the voices of the fans. We yearn to see them on the show again. Please bring them back on the show and give them proper treatment that they deserve. Seeing them everyday on national TV had been part of our daily lives. You have to realize that there is a need for you to make it up to us, the die-hard TRIO FANS. They have contributed a lot on the popularity of the show. Wowowee still won't be the same without them. They touches many lives. No one can ever replace the trio. They were indeed tough shoes to fill, truly dance icons that is why they deserve better.

We, the fans, would like to set our intentions clearly, this petition was made for you to see how serious and persistent we are in pursuing this matter.

Therefore, with all due respect, we ask of you, to considerately hear us out, be more compassionate, pay more attention to us. We appeal to all of you to please, BRING BACK LUNINGNING, MILAGRING AND MARIPOSA on the show, please keep them together again. We love them so much that we cannot bear not to see them on our everyday living.

Please do not let our hopes down. We ask of you to be more considerate, and much more sensitive regarding these issues. Although they were just dancers but numerous people loved, admired and very much appreciated their talents most especially their excellent dancing skills, it was absolutely inspiring, captured every viewers’ hearts .

We, their loyal supporters vow to continuously give unconditional love and support towards our ever dearest LUNINGNING, MILAGRING and MARIPOSA.

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