University of Sydney Faculty of Pharmacy

Pharmacy faculty is upset about poor lecture attendance and is cancelling Lectopia recordings for the rest of the year and may be in the long term. This affects all students and jeopardises students ability to learn and study for exams over poor attendance to something non-compulsory shouldn't happen.

The ultimate goal for university lecturers and university in general is to produce better educated students for the benefit of society and with the use of Lectopia it has become possible for all students to re-attend lectures all ready given, instantly answer any questions or concepts (e-mail is a slow process generally 1 day notice). Furthermore students currently overseas are now unable to attend lectures by correspondence drastically reducing their ability to achieve commendable grades.

We must take this up to the university. Why are students being punished for using a system to further our learning?

We, the Sydney University Pharmacy Students, call on the Faculty of Pharmacy to bring back the online lecture service Lectopia provided by The University of Sydney to enhance our learning and University experience.

Let me first say I understand the reasoning behind the move as it would be disappointing or frustrating to lecturers and may reflect badly upon the University if there is poor attendance. Despite this; and I think I can speak for the majority of the students in the course this should not be a reason to place a hindrance upon learning as a form of punishment.

The Faculty of Pharmacy cites poor attendance as the reason to cancel Lectopia but students are still attending full-time university via correspondence so this is not a valid issue. Students may have work commitments, be sick or extra-curricular activities within the University or be overseas and may not be able to attend, Lectopia is an integral component to maximising learning and ultimately making better Pharmacists. With all due respect to the lecturers and the staff who may feel disappointed when arriving to an empty lecture theatre, at the end of the day it is their profession in which they are being remunerated for their time.

Their time and effort is not wasted whether the students attend the lecture in theatres or listen to them at home, and we greatly appreciate the knowledge and expertise taught to us. Also seeings as Lectopia appears to be an established automated system run by The University of Sydney to establish itself as a modern and competent educational institution why should use of the Internet, the world's most powerful form of media, be looked down upon?

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