Jumpshooting (JS) was a core mechanical feature of Verdun from the release of the game 28-4-2015 until it was removed with an update on 13-12-2018 (V295.12907). Removing JS after three years was extremely unfair to all the players who used, enjoyed and supported the use of jumpshooting - people who had been promoting the game for years.

Verdun is maybe the best WW1 game experience out there, and despite a few glitches and bugs, the game offers a unique feeling of accomplishment which makes it fun to play. Jumpshooting was a core mechanic of the game and was an important part of what separated the game from other first-person shooters.

The competitive scene used JS extensively; its use was a major part of skill based competitive matches. With the removal of JS those matches became static and less fun, as a mechanic that those players relied on was suddenly missing.

Many of those dedicated competitive players would have loved to continue playing the game, but, instead, they left out of frustration at the removal of JS. This led to stagnation in the competitive scene and its decline.

If you are like us and enjoyed JS and competitive in general, then surely you want to bring JS back. We are creating this petition in order to make our displeasure clear to the developers and put pressure on them to revert this disastrous change.
We hope that developers can understand that we are all on the same side and all we want, is Verdun to thrive . Our community is already small, so there is no space for conflicts and stubbornness, but there are plenty of space for both historical and competitive players in Verdun. Mistakes made from both sides, it's time for truce and a fresh start for game's sake
Please consider joining our cause in bringing back JS and making the game enjoyable again. Thank you for your support.

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We, the undersigned, are asking M2H to rethink the removal of JS and bring it back as an option for private matches, so we - and many others- can continue to play and enjoy the game as we have for the past three years.
This would help to revive the competitive scene, which will positively affect player numbers for Verdun.

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