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James Allen, love him or hate him, was an excellent commentator.

Yes, at times he may have been a little biased or hot headed. But one thing he was and remains is PASSIONATE. James lives and breathes F1.

This is why we think James should join the BBC as a commentator alongside Martin Brundle.

A few little steps could lead to a big change if we try!

1 # Complain to the BBC using the online form (will take less than 2-3 mins max) at:

2 # Fill out our petition form, and we will complain to the BBC in one big uber complaint.

3 # Email your friends, relatives and fellow F1 fans and get them to sign up too! The more the merrier!

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For more about James Allen, see:

Thank you!

We, the undersigned, want James Allen to return to his rightful place alongside Martin Brundle in the commentary box.

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