To Bring Gaurav Priyamvada back in a new serial..

Our Fav jodi.. was seperated on 14th FEB. 08 in the most lovable show.. the serial.. changed track where both of our fav.. RuSim were not part of..
we all miss the jodi now to.. so here is the chance..

This is a petition to bring Gaurav Khanna and Priyamvada S back together in a new Serial. Everyone who watched Meri Doli Tere Angana knows how mindblowing the jodi of Gaurav and Priyamvada is.

They did an excellent job as Ruhaan and Simran in Meri Doli Tere Angana. They're chemistry rocked and they set the screen on fire..And Like me i know there are lots of other fans who are eagerly waiting to see Gaurav and Priyamvada together again in a Serial... Everyday there comes several new serials on tv..So why not bring Gaurav and Priyamvada back in one of them..

So guys if you want you favourite jodi back on screen..then please sign the petition and lets tell the creatives of the serials and directors, and producers how much we want Gaurav and Priyamvada back on screen..

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