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As i sat the other day watching many of the actors like John Stamos, bob saget, and many more that were spawned from Full House i felt like i wanted to see the show again. It was not to see a goofie and sometime cheesey storyline it was for the many days that i sat in my room bringing out the little kid in me. TBS has run may reruns of all the shows many times but still they have not shown them all. There are many episodes in the 8 seasons that i still have failed to see to this day. All i am asking is help me out so we can be children again and enjoy the shows one last time.

We want TBS to contunie to run the popular TV sitcom so a new generation of kids can smile, and cry at the same things that we did when we were kids and also find out where marykate and ashley olyson got their start.

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