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Craig McCracken and Cartoon Network Studios

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is a unique kind of draw and creativity, with crazy and yet smart humor, fresh characters of different kinds, story-lines with no end making a feeling who guess what will happen then...

The draw is specially simple but with complex moves, colorfull and expressive; a kind of animation with I sure is called art. Not only awakes on children minds the creative of the imagination, aslo opens they hearts and eyes about the poor people with mind diseases thanks ffor the lovely character called Cheese; it marks the serie to be respectable with autism.

After to won 5 Annie Awards, 7 Emmy Awards and billions of fans hearts, this show made by the brilliant Craig McCracken, this animated serie it's becoming a cult serie but still insatiable. That's the why we should to try to makes the re-opening of the Foster's House!

We, the undersigned, calls to Mr. McCracken and to Cartoon Network Studios to the re-running of the clever animated TV show: Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. As we know that it was decided to be ended on the last 3 of May in 2009, the called series makes a incredible impression to many people for the simple but yet impressionable designs, for the fresh dialogues and situations, for the crazy and smart humor and for the mentioned and respect for the people with autism.

It's becoming a cult Tv Show after to wins five Annie Awards and seven Emmy Awards, so then, a return would be a chance to reopen the people minds and makes to know to the children who didn't know who's Bloo yet who is he. We didn't ask for new seasons already now, but yes we ask for a next future.

With all the respects: The undersigned.

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