"Figure It Out" is a show that was formerly on Nickelodeon. It is still currently shown on Nick G.A.S. but it doesn't have any new episodes.

In "Figure It Out," there were four celebrity panelists trying to guess the contestant's special talent. There were three rounds and if the contestant stump the panelists after a round, they'd win a prize. Throughout the show, there would be clue to help the panelists guess the contestant's talent. At the end of the third round, if they still hadn't guessed it, each panelist got a final guess.

If no one guessed it, the contestant revealed their talent and got the grand prize. Also there was a "secret slime action." There would be a certain action that, if any of the panelists performed it, they would be slimed.

It was a good show and with this petition we hope to bring it back.

We the undersigned are petitioning for the return of the TV show, "Figure It Out."

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