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It's about time we FANS have our board back. Doug vanishes,and now two insane crap-posting haters have turned into 5 or 6. This is going to multiply even more if we don't do something. It's time our boards were under 24 hour surveillance by FANS who come on to have fun chatting it up about their band. We can't deal with not being able to do anything about haters that come along because the only two moderators are away from the desk. These haters obviously will multiply if they aren't stopped. They are like viruses, growing and multiplying if left un'treated'.

This, Suggs, is why we need FAN MODS back, and we need them NOW. I ask that ANYONE who is a member of the Maroon 5 Message Boards sign this for the sake of the boards themselves. I plan on making a thread to vote for mods ASAP. If we don't do this, the haters will have won, and will take over and turn it into hell.

Please, Suggs, start supporting FAN MODS again, and give the rightful fans the ability to control their boards that they love.

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