Saint Francis Hospital/Warren Clinic
United States of America

Dr. Meredith Woodward was the only Pediatric neurosurgeon in the Tulsa area. She single-handedly saved hundreds of children, and provided the routine care and follow up that was medically necessary to maintain them. The other doctors before her had said to numerous families to just "let nature take it's course". The saint Francis/Warren Clinic offices have let her go without providing any reason or alternative for all these kids to receive the care they require. We are demanding that they rescind this action and allow her access to continue helping these children, and restore full privileges to operate and treat at the only children's hospital in the area.

We the undersigned are demanding that the Saint Francis/Warren Clinic team immediately rescind the action taken against Dr. Meredith Woodward, and restore her rights to practice and treat children through the hospital.

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The Bring Back Dr. Woodward petition to Saint Francis Hospital/Warren Clinic was written by Carrie Jones and is in the category Health at GoPetition.