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Cadbury Schweppes Pty Ltd

Dr Pepper was introduced to the Australian market in 1997 with a short-lived TV advertising campaign and low priced 280 ml cans sold through supermarkets. Dr Pepper was subsequently sold in 1.25 litre plastic bottles alongside other major brands until 2003.

Cadbury Schweppes stated that the product did not gain acceptance by Australians, whose detractors complained that the drink tasted like "cough syrup" (a tag also given to Sarsaparilla). A report on the soft drink industry by IBIS accused Cadbury Schweppes of failing in their marketing of the brand, given its global appeal.

After withdrawing from the Australian market, Dr Pepper arrived without fanfare in New Zealand. Cans imported from the U.S. are available in some specialty stores in New Zealand and Australia.

Dr Pepper is just what the Doctor ordered! For a unique smooth taste on a hot summer's day, you can't beat a cold Dr. Pepper.

We the undersigned demand the return of our favourite beverage Dr Pepper!

I have spoken to many, many people who miss this unique drink, and would love to see it return to our shelves.

Bring back Dr Pepper!!!

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