Roundy's Supermarkets
United States of America

We the customers of your grocery stores are extremely disappointed by your decision to end the Double Daze Promotion.

This was a promotion we relied on to help us stretch our grocery budget. Yours was also the only grocery store that offered this type of promotion and as such helped us remain your loyal customers.

When you initially went from doubling once a week to once a month you promised other offerings that would replace this valuable promotion.

Your current ongoing promotion “Bonus Bucks” has failed to capture our attention. We find this promotion more cumbersome and disadvantageous to us. As it currently stands there is not a particular reason to maintain our loyalty to your stores.

There is not a particular offering setting you apart from other grocery stores in our areas and we also find other stores’ promotion such as gas savings more appealing.

We, the undersigned, petition to bring back Double Daze.

We believe there is a feasible way to make this promotion work for you as a business and for us as your customers.

Actually, we believe that making this promotion available more often, instead of once a month, would help increase traffic to your stores and increase customer loyalty and subsequently improve your bottom line.

Bringing back Double Daze will realign your core values with your actions. The sudden unannounced termination of this program has left us feeling betrayed and as if we don’t matter to your business. If you indeed are customer driven then you should work to regain our trust and loyalty as customers.

If you care about the impact your decisions have on your customers then you will bring Double Daze back. Right now, your decision has impacted our grocery budget and we find ourselves in need to spend our money where it lasts longer.

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