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Many people have been asking Aventurine to bring back DFO.

The Reddit link is here: http://www.reddit.com/r/Darkfall/comments/344uzk/upvote_if_youd_like_dfo_to_be_brought_back_read/

This is an informal petition that I am starting in order to see what is the interest in bringing back DFO. Aventurine is not related to this at all.

If this reaches a high number of signatures, then the business case of reopening DFO and continue development on it is one that is worth considering.

If many people vote for this, then I will suggest to my company to open a kickstarter campaign for bringing back DFO.

When I say bringing back DFO, I mean fixing its flaws, updating its graphics, bringing interesting DFUW systems to it and then opening it.

As a company, we have not stopped working on DFUW; this is strictly a personal poll.

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