Steve Koonin CEO of the Atlanta Hawks
United States of America

I feel enough is enough, Danny Ferry has been punished, he has apologized to the player and the city. His players and the organization want him back and the city wants him back, so lets bring him back.

I'm an Atlanta native and I must say that Mr. Ferry along with the Hawks basketball team and organization has my great city on a cloud that we haven't been on since the 90's. We now have good reason if not but for 60 minutes to put the things that stress and worry us throughout our day on the shelf and be excited and celebrate the success of this great team that Mr. Ferry has put together.

From Hawks Fans to Mr. Koonin,

Mr. Ferry has played a significant role in the success of the team and I believe he is a valuable asset for the continued success of the team and organization in it's entirety. I think to continue to punish Mr. Ferry is unjust and would also be a great disservice to the organization and the great city of Atlanta.

There is a great majority black and white who would like to see Mr. Ferry resume his role as the General Manager of the Atlanta Hawks.

I can assure you that there will be no protest should he be reinstated, only a celebration and hopefully a parade through downtown Atlanta on Peachtree St. Go Hawks!

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