Katsura Hoshino

As we all know the anime show D Gray Man was ended for reasons we're not sure of, but I want to make sure that it starts up again even if its after a while and I want to let the author of D Gray Man know that the anime is in demand.

This petition is to Katsura Hoshino the writer of D Gray Man and to the anime company that produced the D Gray Man anime.

We who have signed this petition are just a fraction of people who don't want the D Gray Man anime to stop. If we have to wait that is alright, but we need to know that the D Gray Man has not stopped. So we request that you do what you need to so that the D Gray Man anime can continue.

The Bring Back D Gray Man Anime petition to Katsura Hoshino was written by Anmol and is in the category Television at GoPetition.