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A while back I had my first Campfire Blast at my local Sonic in Huntsville, Alabama. I immieadatly fell in love with then. I kept going back to Sonic and purchasing them. They were my favorite desert, next to snocones.

Recently when I went to Sonic, I tried to order one again, and then the bad news struck me; They had gotten rid of Campfire Blasts. It was the worst news I received for a long time. So please Sonic, for the good of the world, BRING THEM BACK.

We Campfire Blast Lovers All Over The World are disapointed about the loss of our favorite desert; The Campfire Blast. It was a very tasty desert that everyone loved! (especially people at Camp Coleman in Trussville, Alabama.)

We would do almost anything do get it back, so please, sign this petition to help us get it back! Just think of the children in this world who have never tasted them before. What will they be missing out on?

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