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The skull of Broken Hill Man was discovered in Kabwe town of Northern Rhodesia (Now Zambia) on 17th June 1921 during a mining expedition.

It is believed that at the time, the country had no capacity to keep and preserve such an artifact and hence it was shipped to the United Kingdom and sits in the British Museum to this day.

The law applicable at the time was "The Bushman Relics Proclamation" whose section 2 (1) prohibited the removal of such relic or ruin from the territory without the permit from the Administrator. No authority was given to have the skull exported.

The Government of the Republic of Zambia has made several requests to the British counterparts but that has not yielded results.

The Skull is directly contributing to revenues collected by the British Museum when it should do so in a Zambian Museum.

Our call therefore stands, that the British Museum released and subsequently facilitates the shipment of the Broken Hill Man Skull back to Zambia.


We call on the British Government/Museum to Bring Back Broken Hill Man to Zambia where he belongs.

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