To bring back BarbieGirls Virtual World!
United States of America

Okay, i know a lot of people out there loved that awesome online game, named BarbieGirls.... I know a lot of people also loved girlsense.... we need to bring back BarbieGirls, that was one of the best online games that i loved!

So let's all help to bring it back ! I under stand you guys shut down for serious reasons, but that game could be brought back, with a little help.... SO LET'S BRING IT BACK!!

Okay, i know barbiegirls virtual world closed, because of important reasons, but they should know how much people really loved barbie girls, including me...

There were probably thousands of girls out there who loved that game, including me. So if we can get this game back, that would change my life... and maybe even yours too... <3 Thank You.

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