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The introduction of the 4.90 release on Nov 13th 2018 significantly disadvantages the majority of players in Atlas.

1) Increased rate of permanent troop death
2) Removed scaling that disincentivized one-sided battles of large player accounts on lower level players which leads to increased permanent troop loss in 1) above
3) Removal of the effectiveness of trapping enemies on your home base - if you trap them they get full glory for hitting you.

These changes have created an environment where bullying by large teams is effectively incentivized, as it is easier to get glory off lower teams than teams who are your equal.

The issue is compounded by the recent process change PocketGems made to the rate of troop building.

This disequity, and the demoralizing effect of seeing days and weeks of hard work in troop building vanish before your eyes- without a fair exchange of glory that provides the in-game bonuses- is causing players to question continued involvement.

We need urgent action to keep War Dragons a viable game for all players rather than just the 1%ers.

We the undersigned call on PocketGems to roll back the glory and troop death changes delivered under release 4.90 and review player feedback on game balancing alternatives.

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