Danial Postgate

Bagpuss is a British television show made for children in 1974 created by Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin under the company 'Smallfilms'. despite having a series of only 13 episodes it has been widely remembered and enjoyed by both children and adults through out the many years after it's airing, repeated for 13 years and in 1999 topped a BBC poll for the UK's favourite children's TV programme.

In 2015 Oliver Postgate's son Daniel Postgate along with Peter Fermin not only brought the smallfilm's show 'The Clangers' back to television but won the BAFTA in the Best Pre-School Animation category of 2015.

2024 will mark Bagpuss's 50th birthday and like the Clanger he deserves to come back to our screens. Despite both Oliver Postgate and Peter Fermin not being with us anymore, because he was so loved he might one day be entertaining the young and old again.

If any of you remember Bagpuss, the saggy old cloth cat who may have entertained you after 1974, then we can agree he deserves to have more than just 13 episodes, But it might just change. If Smallfilms can gives us a BAFTA winning return of the Clangers then surly Bagpuss can come back to us too, Especially for his 50th birthday in 2024.

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