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NBC Studios and Entertainment
United States of America

Currently, TV Drama AWAKE has been cancelled by NBC Studios. This is a petition on behalf of the people and fans, asking NBC to reinstate a great TV Drama that was loved by so many in just one season.

Lately NBC picks up a series, and cancels them after a season or two, leaving its viewers in the air and with no solid ending. We fell in love with AWAKE after one season, and the viewers want to see MORE!

We, the undersigned, ask NBC Studios to reconsider their decision to cancel AWAKE.

We would like for NBC to give AWAKE another opportunity to air on their Prime Time Schedule.

We, the undersigned viewers, want to see MORE of AWAKE.

The Bring back AWAKE petition to NBC Studios and Entertainment was written by Abi Vasquez and is in the category Arts & Entertainment at GoPetition.