A friend of mine introduced me a few years ago to Cs:go.

We spent all night long gaming nights together, he taught me everything. He showed me the system, how I can improve, and how everything is about concentration and skill development.

His favorite map was Assault. From the over 1000 hours he spent playing Cs:Go at least 900 went into that map. He learned how to shoot there, he understood the importance of the different spots there, hi litherally grown up there, and over the years he experienced both joy and desperation on that map.

With a recent update Valve removed Assault from the competitive maps. And I think millions of gamers along with my friend cried out in agony as they watched they childhood being torn apart, millions of practice hours being dumped out without any reason.

Now our gaming nights are gone. He doesn't wants to play Cs:Go anymore. He feels let down. They took his home, they torn apart a part of his life, a part of his childhood, and they also made me play alone with strangers, all alone, noone to talk to while wasting my time on useless games which I'm pretty rookie at.

I'd like to ask you with the undersigned thousands to consider putting back "Assault" into the competitive matchmaking sessions in Cs:Go.

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