#Animal Rights
Horse Owners and Horse Industry Professionals
United States of America

The Horse Slaughter Prevention Act was passed in September of 2006. This bill closed down all U.S. horse slaughterhouses. Although at first this seems great, that is not the case. Millions upon millions of horses are shipped to Mexico every year for slaughter. For the horses yet to be transported, a long, painful process awaits them.

American horses, OUR American horses, are shipped over twenty-four hours without food, water, or rest. Theses unfortunate souls are delivered in illegal double-decker trucks meant for cattle. Half of these horses are stolen, and 90% of them are young, sound, and healthy, with no confirmation problems.

All horses are at risk: show ponies, family pets, and racehorses. After this brutal treatment they're stabbed in the spinal cord, their throats are slit and left to be bled out.

We, the undersigned horse owners and horse professionals, ask the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives to vote "NO" on the AHSPA (H R 503 and S 311) as this legislation does nothing to provide a better outcome for the overall welfare of horses.

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