The Arena and The Tivoli

Taken from bombshellzine.com:

"Speaking of Brisbane, those of you underage are in for some trying times, already struggling to get all ages shows, both The Arena and The Tivoli will no longer be holding AA/U18 shows, as you'd know these venues hold most of the international touring bands stops in Brisbane. After extensive reviewing and culminated by the actions and behaviour of a handful of idiot punters at the recent Parkway Drive show at The Arena both these venues will no longer be holding events that allow those under 18 to attend. It's not just the U18 affected, it also makes the cost of bands touring in general more expensive in an already difficult territory, so it's more than likely Brisbane folks will soon be feeling the pain of those in Adelaide and Perth where touring bands often miss their city completely."

Please sign this petition and help keep the all ages music scene in Brisbane alive.

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