To the Honourable Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives, Parliament of Australia

Andrew Watt, born in 1967 in the small South Gippsland town of Mirboo North, is a member of one of the district's pioneering families. Andrew spent his childhood in Mirboo North and ran the family dairy farm before heading overseas for an extended holiday.

While in London, Andrew met his wife Lynda, a South African. The couple moved to South Africa after marrying to care for Lynda's ailing father. Now Andrew and Lynda, having experienced life in both the UK and South Africa, long to return to Australia so that their children may grow up in a safe and healthy environment.

As carers of Lynda's older sister Gillian, they have applied to bring their own children as well as Gillian with them to Australia. Andrew and Lynda are committed to providing completely for Gillian financially, as well as physically and emotionally. However, they have now been waiting several years for a decision, with all efforts so far to get their application approved proving fruitless. They now seek your support to have their application dealt with and approved as soon as possible.

This petition of concerned family members, friends and community members
draws to the attention of the House the delays in the processing of a permanent residency application on behalf of Australian citizen Andrew Watt, his wife Lynda Watt, their children Evelyn, 6, and Joseph, 3, and Andrew's sister in law Gillian Meyer, 45, who has Down Syndrome.

Andrew was born in Mirboo North, growing up and running the family dairy farm before heading overseas at age 28. Twenty-one years later he is keen to return with his wife to raise their children and care for Gillian in a safe and nurturing environment that's close to his Australian family - mum Shirley and siblings Stephen, Judy and Michael.

We therefore ask the House to review and approve the family's permanent residency application as a matter of urgency.

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