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Makers Of Inuyasha
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inuyasha has has 167 and 4 movies and a lot more people want a lot more.. the makers of inuyasha should start making more episodes or movies...

inuyasha is a big thing for a lot of people... to prove it if you go on the internet look up inuyasha on Google it will give you over 20,200,200 stuff about it so if that is not enough then i don't know what is...

what do we have to do to bring back inuyasha ? =|

All fans that like Inuyasha please sign this petition for more episodes of inuyasha together we can bring all of that back it might take a will take a while but if you all sign and tell your friends and theres and so on we can persuade the maker of Inuyasha to make more episodes or movies and i know you guys will like that and so will i so lets make a differents and SO LET'S BRING INUYASHA BACK RIGHT KNOW SO SIGN


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