#Civil Rights
United States of America

As a human being we all have rights in this our country United States although Facebook has been violated our civil rights from the first amendment that talks about Freedom of Speech they didn't just violated that law but disrespect our community of friends.Today we committed as a community that wants the best for this country to bring back the profile of Alex S Gonzalez has he been one of the best speeches Leaders and a inspirational person in our life.Alex S Gonzalez who is a person that speak for us in this country and speak about the truth of this country and how we can take care of it.

We would like to Facebook bring Alex S Gonzalez Profile back And be aware that what they are doing is illegal because When I read they terms and conditions there is not single rule that Mr Alex S Gonzalez has broken.Has a Big community we will fight to the end to bring Alex S Gonzalez Back

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