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Fans of A Different World series

A Different World was one of the few shows on tv that promoted black unity and illustrated the importance of education and family. Nowadays, it is very rare to find any show that brings those values to light.

Recently, I found out First Look Studios only released Season 1 of A Different World because they believed the sales would not be sufficient enough to release the other subsequent five seasons.

Meanwhile, there are websites dedicated to fanatics of the show and numerous people asking the same question, where can we find Seasons 2-6 of this wonderful series?

I say it's time to send a message to First Look Studios and the show's founder, Bill Cosby. If The Cosby Show can have their series on DVD, then A Different World should be no different. After all, the two shows are equally good.

My goal is to get at least 100 votes and then send the petition to Bill Cosby and First Look Studios for review. Thanks for your support!

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