20th Century Fox
United States of America

For years, hard core fans odf the groundbreaking series 24 were able to re-watch our favorite seasons and episodes on Netflix. That privilege has been taken away thanks to Fox moving the show to Amazon.

Amazon does not compare to Netflix and it is a company motiovated solely by profit, not by providing a positive entertainment experience...

WE the undersigned are petitioning 20th Century Fox to restore the streaming rights of the outstanding show 24 to Netflix. Amazon uses 24 to goad people into signing up for their Prime service, which isn't even a streaming service: it's a shipping service.

By removing 24 from Netflix, Fox has done a disservice to the fans of 24 as well as inadvertently helped Amazon line it's pockets by making people sign up for Prime in order to see 24. Prime has nothing to do with streaming. Prine is a shipping service that cists an extra $99 a year ti acquire and it is a gimmick designed to rope in 24 fans...

Please, Fox, bring 24 back to Netflix where it belongs.

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