Brian Williams
United States of America

We the undersigned, hereby affirm that Brian Williams is the best televisión news anchor of all time since the Great Walter Cronkite. Whereas, Bry•Why (-as most know him-) was wronged when he was removed and then subsequently fired as anchor of NBC Nightly News.
Whereas, Brian has proven himself worthy of our trust since being demoted to MSNBC.
Now, therefore, be it resolved, that CBS News should hire Brian Williams to be the anchor of the CBS Evening News and regain the #1 spot after thirty•three years.

We, the undersigned, call on CBS News to hire Brian Williams as the next anchor of the CBS Evening News.

As all y'all may know, Scott Pelley has left the anchor desk at CBS Evening News. Let's show our support for Brian Williams by signing this petition. Brian was wronged and he deserves a second chance. Let's help him become Number 1 again and make NBC regret ever firing their all star anchor.

Many thanks!!


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