London Borough of Brent Council
United Kingdom

As you may be aware, the London Borough of Brent impose parking controls in the 'KD' controlled parking zone during bank holidays. This results in the unwary getting unexpected penalty charge notices (PCNs) on such days.

It is the view of the Committee of the Brondesbury Residents and Tenants Association (BRAT) that bank holiday parking controls are both unwelcome and unwarranted, and should be lifted.

With the support of Ward Councillor Mary Arnold, the Highways Committee meeting on 17 July may agree to debate the issue and vote to remove bank holiday controlled parking in the KD zone. They will only do so if a petition is received from local residents indicating widespread support for such a change.

Accordingly if you support this change, please add your name to this 'e-petition' and forward the email linking to this petition to other 'KD zone' residents who you believe would support such a change.

Thank you.

We, the undersigned, call on the London Borough of Brent to remove bank holiday parking restrictions in the KD controlled parking zone.

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