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Marc Tenzer
United States of America

naming of a lounge in a casino

Attention all Breezy Corners alumni and associated friends…
The current construction of the Montreign / Adelaar Resort and Casino is proceeding along nicely. The casino is located on the exact site of our beloved bungalow colony and is scheduled to open next Feb./March. Wouldn’t it be fitting and a great tribute, if one of the watering holes (bars) was named the “Breezy Corners Lounge?” It would immediately attract all alumni who might be visiting the resort at any time. Think about it! Folks from all Breezy generations could bump into each other there and relive old stories, renew old friendships and share a lifetime of laughs. So please sign this petition and share it with others. I will present the petition to the appropriate folks at the casino this summer and attempt to make this idea a reality. Thanks for your help….Marc Tenzer…

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