Sacramento City Coucilperson Steve Hansen
United States of America

Sacramento was recently given a rating of "F" by the American Lung Association for our air quality. One of the constant annoyances which directly contributes to poor air quality is the use of gasoline and electric 'Leaf Blowers'. Gasoline Leaf blowers use a combustion engine which creates ozone pollution and according to California Air Resources Board Division Chief Michael Benjamin, by the year 2020 these and other small gas engines will create more ozone pollution than all of the passenger cars in California.

Moving to electric leaf blowers will decrease the ozone pollution but it still creates air quality issues. Rather than cleaning an area leaf blowers simply move the mess and kick up dust, dirt, and other irritants which negatively impact the lives and health of those who live or work in the Midtown and Downtown areas. Often the mess is simply blown into our streets and ends up blocking storm drains. The use of such devices forces citizens to have to cross the street to avoid being covered in debris, it forces drivers to roll up their windows to avoid having their car and lungs filled with airborne irritants, it increases how often we wash our cars, and it forces residents to have to run AC rather than opening a window because of the mess created by these devices.

We, the undersigned, call on the Sacramento City Council to address this issue and ban the use of leaf blowers in our city. These devices do not clean anything they simply redistribute the mess; often upon a neighbor or into our storm drains, and constantly re-agitate fallen debris and irritants forcing residents to take action to prevent inhalation of said debris. Residents of Midtown and Downtown often walk out of their homes or businesses to find their car and others covered in the dust and debris kicked up from the use of leaf blowers. It's time to address the mess.

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