#Students' Rights
Ministry Of Education Singapore

As now everyone knows in Singapore every male person in school are supposed to have appropriate hair cuts. Now, I don’t oppose on that fully as there is a reason for the boys having to have an appropriate haircut. But, I don’t think it is fair that girls get to have any hairstyles but not boys. As, haircuts brings out the confidence in someone and if the person is not comfortable with the haircut he gets he would not be condfident and would have very Low self esteem. I don’t think the rule has to go away fully,only partiall. I think that boys are allowed to grow their hair to any length they want, have any type of haircuts(except some) and have the freedom of doing what they want to their hair. However, the rules that should stay; Boys are not allowed to dye their hair, no gangsterish hairstyle ( e.g. 0 side shave, Mohawk) and boys are supposed to comb their hair as neat as possible. That is all the changes I am looking for as boys should have some freedom as well.

We, the undersigned call on the Ministry Of Education Singapore to allow Boys to have any hairstyles that they want but by following the rules ( e.g. no dye)

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