School Board of Broward County, FL
United States of America

The children at Boyd H. Anderson High School have been and continue to be treated unfairly. Each school year they return to various classrooms with a new set of teachers and quite possibly, a new set of administrators. The changes are consistent, but yet, ineffective.

The school was once glorified as being amongst the best in the district. Now, its main lobby is littered with images of past administrators---at least 17 since its inception in 1971. Clearly, even the blind can see there's something wrong with that picture.

Due to these kinds of changes, parents are becoming increasingly agitated, teachers are experiencing elevated levels of stress, and most importantly, the children are feeling a sense of rejection from a system that should be protecting and providing for them.

Don't let the School Board of Broward County, FL, continue to mistreat our children! Your voices are powerful and they should be heard.

You want the current administration removed and replaced with a long-term effective administration and continued retention of its current teachers and certificate programs.

We charge you to call on your City Commissioners and Community Liaisons to stand up for your children. Don't let the system destroy Boyd H. Anderson!

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