#Consumer Affairs

On the 17th September 2007, Richard Branson decided to publicly back the McCann family who have recently been named as suspects in the disappearance of their child.

Whilst the general public accept that it is Mr Branson's absolute right to spend his money in whichever manner he sees fit, we believe that it is our right not to use his products or services whilst he supports a couple who are subject to a police investigation.

We the undersigned will not be purchasing any Virgin services or products for the abovementioned reasons.

Furthermore we feel that:

a) The McCanns like any other member of the public should be responsible for their own financial affairs and circumstances without seeking recourse to wealthy benefactors or the general public.

b) The intervention of Mr Richard Branson contributes to the already biased slant which the media has taken on this case.

c) That the creation of a separate fund [if this is the intention of the McCann family] is an affront to those members of the public on low incomes who generously gave first time around to the Find Madeleine McCann and may feel pressurised to give again.

Once again we must all be responsible for our own financial predicaments.

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