Bill Simmons (aka The Sports Guy)
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Do you remember when you used to enjoy reading Bill Simmons' columns on ESPN.com? Vaguely? Was it more or less than 3 years ago? Four? Do you wish he'd stop writing about Laguna Beach and the Grammys and start writing about, y'know, sports (like the title would imply) and such again?

Are you simply tired of only seeing a sports story if it involves a Boston team doing something (or not, as the case may be)? If so, please sound off. You know you aren't doing anything else at work anyhow...

Dear SportsGuy:
The undersigned wish to inform you of their displeasure with the direction your column has taken. You were at the Super Bowl and left town and refused to talk about it because your favorite team wasn't involved. Instead you wrote about a go-kart race you participated in with Nick Lachey. This is emblematic of your problem.

Please stop with the crappy musings about things that are clearly out of your depth (and our interest), and write about SPORTS again - since that IS the reason we started reading in the first place.

Until then, the undersign pledge not to read your column any longer.

And remember: without us, you are a guy in his underwear typing away at a computer with no income and no discernable job prospects. Thanks.

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