#Media Issues
The Greater Riverdale Community
United States of America

We are a group of concerned citizens who live in and love the greater Riverdale community. We believe that the time has come to stand with our neighbors who are working to build a better tomorrow for our area, and stand up against those who are tearing it down.

Over the past decade, the Riverdale Review has engaged in what can only be described as a campaign to defame our community leaders and our most cherished institutions. Its publisher, Andrew Wolf, has used mischaracterizations, slander, race baiting, and outright lies to spread fear and sow division in our neighborhood.

Its editorials have been instrumental in stifling civic creativity, discouraging volunteerism, and destroying the reputations of those who seek positive change. The Review consistently undermines the efforts of activists, educators and local organizations to improve our community.

I, the undersigned, am a concerned resident of the greater Riverdale community.

I am outraged by the mischaracterizations, slander, race-baiting, and outright lies published weekly in the Riverdale Review.

I have had enough of the Review’s incessant, malicious depictions of our institutions, and its unfair attacks on my neighbors.

I stand with those who believe its editorials are designed to intimidate, point fingers, exploit fear, and stand in the way of real progress and unity for the greater Riverdale community.

I hereby declare my intent to boycott the Riverdale Review. I will not read it, and I will not advertise in it.

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