London Olympic committee
United Kingdom

The Olympic committee has arrogantly ignored the views held by the vast majority of people in Britain that the logo is poor and an embarrassment to the nation.

Britain must pull together and show them we will not be pushed around like this, especially with an event as important as the Olympic Games. These are the people's games, not the committee's corporate toy, and our opinions should matter.

A small group of people should not be able to overrule the vast majority or treat them like small children by claiming they know is best for them. They have no right to treat the British public so poorly and make us a global laughing stock so they can appear to be trendy.

Now that they have admitted they do not care what the public thinks, the only thing we can do is to affect the sponsors of the games and get them to speak on our behalf. The most effective way to do this is a boycott of the sponsors and a boycott of all goods with the Olympic logo on them. This boycott will continue until the Olympic logo has been changed to something that is not disliked by the majority of Britons.

I will keep updating this list Boycotted companies constantly:

Lloyds TSB - Please do not open a new account with them. If you already have an account then please write or e-mail them to say you are unhappy with their support of the logo or close your account.

Also: Any goods that use the logo as a major selling point, for example; T-shirts or cups with the logo.

Please send the address of this petition to your friends if you find the time.

We, the undersigned, will not buy products from or the use the services of any company that is sponsoring the 2012 London Olympics until the London Olympics committee changes the logo to something that the British people do not have to be ashamed of, and the majority does not dislike.

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