Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper

Canadians want Change , they want a government that is going to listen to them and respect their wishes on ending the commercial seal hunt and the slaughter of grey seals on Sable Island . The public is tired of the image that the seal hunt is giving Canada.

Canada is a democracy, and polling has consistently shown that Canadians are against the seal hunt, yet it is still supported with government largess ; the government needs to earn their votes from Canadians. Given that there is no longer any market for seal pelts, at this point the slaughter is for mainly political motives , appealing to sealing communities in Eastern Canada . The public is tried of the money that is being in vested in a senseless and inhumane hunt.

The government has blamed the grey seals on Sable Island for the failure of the cod stocks to recover, yet not only is there no evidence of this, but rather evidence the seals actually help the cod survive. It was over-fishing that caused the cod stock collapse, not seal predation. It's high time that the government and the DFO realize their responsibility for the decline of the cod , and stopped using the seals as a scapegoat .

We, the undersigned, call on the Government of Canada to formally declare that the commercial seal hunt and the proposed Department of Fisheries and Oceans plan to reduce the grey seal population on Sable Island are permanently discontinued.

As well, as voting Canadians in the next federal election, we refuse to vote for any candidate unless he or she openly declares him/her self to be against the seal hunt and Sable Island grey seal cull; any candidate who openly declares him/her self against the Sable Island slaughter or the seal hunt will be voted for in the respective riding, exclusive of all others who do not likewise declare their position.

This petition will be presented to the Canadian senator Mac Harb who is against the seal hunt.

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