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The Gaston Gazette
United States of America

A local Bessemer City man lost his life in an unfortunate motorcycle accident on September 28, 2014. The Gaston Gazette ran a story on this accident and chose to expose the past criminal record of this man, which had no relation to this accident. This was done within 24 hrs of the accident with no concern of the grieving family members and friends.

The Gazette obviously chose to use the title "troubled past" to gain ratings and degrade the victim of this terrible accident. As the Gazette did report, Jermaine Gamble was on the road to a new life and was striving to be successful in life and be a great father. However, his past criminal history had no place being in this article at the time of his unfortunate death.

We, the citizens of Gaston and other local surrounding counties, demand that the Gaston Gazette issue a public apology to the family of Jermaine Gamble, the community of Gaston County,and its readers ,along with disciplinary action against the writer of this insensitive headline and story.

The story was inappropriate, unprofessional, and a insensitive approach to journalism. The Gazette relies on us as a community to maintain profitability.

Until the Gaston Gazette chooses to stop unprofessional journalism, issue a public apology to the family of Jermaine Gamble, and issue appropriate disciplinary action to the writer of this story, we will not support the Gaston Gazette in any manner.

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