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Sony is reportadly refusing to revise the contract between them and Marvel Studios for the deal on the character Spider-Man. Marvel Studios has taken one of the most iconic superheroes in comic book history and restored the image to one fans are fully behind and familiar with. The deal that Marvel is asking for is more than fair seeing as it is Marvel Studios who is putting the money back in Sony's pockets. Supposedly the deal is that Sony wants to keep the deal at giving Marvel only 5% of the earnings related to Spider-Man. Marvel however, is asking for an even split. More than fair considering the Spider-Man's film history and how far it's come. Sony should reconsider, especially since Spider-man has been set up to take center stage in the next phase of the MCU. Tony Stark didn't die for this and Stan Lee, may he rest in peace, talked about how Spider-Man was one of his favorite character and how he related the most to him. You can read that here if interested. ( https://www.marvel.com/articles/comics/stan-lee-on-what-made-spider-man-so-special ) Sony, for the sake of the arts and entertainment let the magic continue with MCU.

We, the undersigned, call on Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group to propose a fair deal that shows respect to the fans that have invested so much time and heart into these movies we all love, as well as respect to the talented people of Marvel Studios producing the movies that bring a prized character to life.

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