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South Africa

Close friends of Jacob Zuma, the Gupta family have made it obvious that their core objective is State Capture - particularly capture of the Treasury. They have a lot to benefit - short term, gain from Rand / US$ fluctuations, longer term the nuclear deal with Russia which will is exclusively tied to their recent deals with coal and uranium mines......Today (26 March 2017) President Zuma made it very clear that the Guptas interests far out-weigh the interests of ordinary South Africans, As responsible citizens of South Africa we need to take action - political parties are obviously not stepping up! A small start but a boycott of Sahara Computers and any company dealing with them or any of their sponsorship initiatives is a good start.....DON'T DEAL WITH SAHARA COMPUTERS OR ATTEND AN EVENT AT A STADIUM SPONSORED BY THEM.....

We the undersigned commit ourselves to boycott all Sahara Computers products, affiliates and resellers AND will not support any event hosted in any venue sponsored by Sahara Computers....

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