#Animal Welfare
Percy Paris, Minister for Tourism, Culture & Heritage, Nova Scotia

A plan by the Canadian Fisheries Dept (2009) exists to reduce the Sable Island grey seal population to low or no numbers, either slaughtering them or through a contraceptive plan. This would destroy over 100,000 seals with a few years. The reasoning for doing this is not for sale; the rational is simply that grey seals are 'vermin', because they are accused of preventing the recovery of cod stocks.

Not only is the collapse of the cod completely caused by over-fishing, but the grey seals actually help the cod by preying on small pelagic fish (such as herring) that eat cod eggs and larva. In fact, the grey seal prefers pelagic fish over cod because the former have a higher fat content. There is no scientific evidence the grey seal hampers cod recovery; this planned slaughter is nothing but pure politics, intended to satisfy powerful fishing interests. Please also see the petitions: Stop Mindless Sable Island Slaughter, published by Amy, and Leave the seals on Sable Island in peace Published by Mikayla.

A boycott of Nova Scotia tourism is the best way to bring home strong consequences for such mindless brutality: the Nova Scotia tourism industry produces $1.3 billion annually.

The DFO plan, with tacit approval from Canada and Nova Scotia, is an environmental holocaust . The DFO is not interested in managing the seals , they are interested in wiping species out of existence . If they think that they can get away with this , some day it will be another species that's the target . The government also expects Canadians to put up with supporting $35 million CAN towards this . It's time to end this once and for all.

We, the undersigned commit to boycott Nova Scotia, refusing to travel to that Canadian province, on the principal of not supporting any location that would support or tolerate a barbaric slaughter of an intelligent species, made all the worse by the fact that the animal is not guilty of any transgression of human enterprise.

We will entreat all we can to join the boycott, and will do all in our power to stop the DFO and Nova Scotia, and vow to punish the latter.

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