#Animal Welfare
Minister Terry French

The Canadian government is still supporting the annual Canadian seal hunt, which is more of a seal slaughter. All Canadians are forced to pay our tax money to support the seal hunt, which would never have survived this far without the largess of the Canadian government.

By now the seal hunt is a huge waste of tax revenue that could be better spent elsewhere, and improve Canada's reputation world-wide. Canadians have shown in many surveys that they're against the seal hunt, and they won't tolerate it much longer.

For an update on this year's Canadian seal hunt, the Canadian Humane Society has stated seal hunt has killed over 59,456 harp seals in the 2013 seal hunt, without any quota limit given from the government.

Min Terry French, Newfoundland & Labrador Dept of Tourism, Culture and Recreation:
Phone: 709-729-0862; Fax: 709-729-0870

Terry French, minister of Newfoundland & Labrador government, for Tourism, Culture and Recreation;

If the government of Newfoundland & Labrador insists on continuing the annual barbarity on ice that is the Canadian seal hunt, we the undersigned will boycott Newfoundland's tourism, and make sure as many others do so as well.

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