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Many city officials in Las Vegas are guilty of TREASON. (See the FREE book "ONE NATION UNDER GOLD" for more in depth information at www.rjoshuacollins.wordpress.com)

Definition of Treason in the state of Nevada.
In Las Vegas Nevada, the definition of Treason is found in chapter 196 of the Nevada revised statutes. An act of Treason can be committed in three ways. The three ways include:
(a) Levying War against the people of the state;
(b) Adhering to its enemies; or
(c) Giving them aid and comfort

Specifically in this chapter we will first take a look at the definition of “Levying war against the people of that state”. The definition states, “When persons arise in insurrection with intent to prevent, in general, by force and intimidation, the execution of a statute of this state, or to force its repeal, they shall be guilty of levying war.”

One simple way to prove that the city of Las Vegas and its police department are often times levying war against the people of that state is by comparing its continual promotion of sin to its responsibility under the law to promote Good Morals and Public Decency.

Under Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 201, the “Good Morals and Public decency” Chapter of the Nevada Revised Statutes, Morality is to be upheld by those governing cities within the state.

As many of you know, Las Vegas is known as Sin City, and promotion of morality, when it comes in the way of profit, is thrown out the window.

Many secular minded individuals say you can't legislate morality, but simply taking a gaze at NRS Chapter 201 will prove this theory false. We will take a look at NRS 201 in the next chapter, and explain in more detail the various laws that are not being enforced which have to do with Good Morals and Public Decency.


We, the undersigned, call the City of Las Vegas, Nevada to eliminate the casino and gaming industry since it is detrimental to the children and adults of this city.

It promotes immorality, and contributes to the delinquency of minors which is a violation of state law according to NRS Chapter 201.

Many minors visit Fremont Street, and other areas where casino's are located and are negatively influenced by the casino & gaming industry.

Advertising of the casino industry reaches youth as well as adults, and the casino industry does nothing to protect the children of our community.

We want the casinos shut down and morality promoted in Las Vegas, NV.

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